At first it may feel scary to share your personal story, but letting people know why you’re fundraising and how arthritis affects you can be a powerful thing! Here are some ideas for what to write on your personal fundraising page and examples from other superhero kids (and families) who’ve raised money for JIA with Team Cassie and Friends in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge.
  • Include something positive in your story, such as something you aspire to do. On Cassie’s page she shares that she dances 14-hours per week and loves it.
  • Include a success you have had. Jonathan shares how he raised $400 to help others at his birthday. 
  • Include something you think may help in finding a cure for arthritis. Arianna, who lives in the Unites States, says we have to be positive and let people know about JIA and what they can do to help.
  • If you do not have JA, share why you are running or who you are running. Dania writes, “Evie loves to be active and doesn’t want to stand out as different than all her friends.”
If you would like to include some facts about Juvenile Arthritis click here.

Help us provide kids and teens with the support and research they need and deserve. All dollars raised by kids on our team will be doubled by a generous local foundation, Kids Helping Kids, up to $10,000.