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With help from our “friends,” we’re bringing much-needed attention and funding to the plight of the three in 1000 children in BC and Canada living with Juvenile Arthritis (JA) and other rheumatic diseases.

Your gifts help to:

  • Fund critical research into better, more effective treatment options and a cure
  • Ensure faster diagnosis and treatment of affected children by bringing more awareness about JA and other rheumatic diseases to the community
  • Improve the quality and availability of pediatric rheumatology programs in BC
  • Offer child and family support services throughout the province
  • Create community connections and advocacy opportunities through key events

We are the only charity in Canada raising funds and support support exclusively to children and families diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis and any childhood rheumatic disease, including lupus, vasculitis, SJIA, fever syndromes and more.

Please help us to continue to transform the lives of the children who live, grow and play with Juvenile Arthritis and other childhood rheumatic diseases every day by joining our circle of friends.


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