Cassie and Friends Society, in partnership with Arthritis Consumer Experts, is leading a call for the BC Government to drastically improve the outlook of children with SJIA by allowing reimbursement coverage for canakinumab for the small number of children who need it.

Our campaign for equitable access has now reached the media, Premier John Horgan and Minister of Health, Adrian Dix,  through the story of a single mother on Vancouver Island, Jillian Lanthier, and her son, Landen (6) who has been denied coverage for canakinumab by BC Pharmacare.

Her heart-breaking letter to Premier Horgan can be viewed here:

There is another family just a 30 minute drive from the family in the story. Their son is receiving canakinumab due to their extended health coverage (and much coordination, calls and paperwork). That family also recently spoke out on Global BC to show how unacceptable this variable coverage truly is – especially when their son is thriving and Landen, just a short drive away, is suffering.

It would be very helpful if you were to reach out to your MLA asap and reference this story – also to share widely via your own networks and have them do the same and sign our online petition that now has over 2100 signatures.

We have a letter template and backgrounder that can be adapted here:

Any inquiries can be directed to:
Jennifer Wilson, Executive Director

Other media interviews are being set up  and we are actively reaching out as well. If you have any media contacts, please let us know. Or reach out directly, tell your story and make some noise!

Thank you so much for any help and support you can offer. We recently saw what advocacy can accomplish from another amazing mother in our community who’s daughter desperately need Solaris.

We can do this!